Fat Loss Important Tips

Fat Loss Important Tips 

1. Calculate your BMR 
    Check BMR Mobile App Or Online BMR Calculator 
2. Your BMR ✖1.3
   This is your daily calories. 
   Divide this calories in 5-6 meals 
  Carb: 30% Pro: 50% Fat: 20%.
3. Workout 6 Days A Week.
4. Workout exercise sets 3-4 & 15-20 reps 
    15 to 20 reps activate your type 1 muscle fiber that is important to loos fat & defined your muscle but nutrition is the key to burn your body fat.
5. Eat every 2 to 3hrs. 
6. Workout days low carbohydrate meals & Non workout days high carbs meals to maintain your metabolism.
7. Add lean Protein Rich foods Like Chicken Breast, Egg whites, white fish like (Bombay Duck) etc. 
8.  Add Complex Carbohydrates like Oats, Brown rice,  Whole Wheat Chapati, Sweet potato, Whole Grain Cereals etc. 
9.  In your daily 6 Meals: 3 - 4 meals are carb meal & 2 - 3 meals are low carb or no carb meals.
10.  Add healthy fat (in moderation) Peanuts, almonds, cashew, walnuts, Peanut butter, chia seed, 
11. One healthy fat serving size is 28g (1 Oz.) 
12. Don't skip your meals & don't miss your Workout.
13. Non workout days walk 30 - 60Min.
14.  Check your fat% &  weight every week.
 You loss 4 to 6kg in a 2 -3 months depends on individual to individual.
15. Don't follow any program more than 2-3 months. Reason is you following one program more than 3 months your body hit plateaus means your body not give results.
16. Consistency & positive mindset Is important to achieve any kind of goals. 

Follow This Tips,
Build your Muscles & Lose Fat 
This is Shredded time guys 💪..

Your Brother, 

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