Weight Gaining Tips

Weight Gaining Tip      

1. Calculate your BMR 
    Check the BMR Mobile App Or Online BMR Calculator. 
2. (Your BMR ) ✖(1.8)
    This is your daily calories. 
    Divide this calorie in 5-6 meals 
    Carb: 50% Pro: 30% Fat: 20%
3. Make sure your macro ratio is 1:2 or 1:3
    Ex: 1g protein & 2g Carb i.e 1:2
    Ex: 1g pro. 3g carb i.e 1:3
    This is a muscle building Ratio.
4. Workout 4-5 Days A Week.
5. Workout exercise sets 3-4 & 6-8 reps 
    6 to 8 reps activate your type 2b muscle fiber that. It is important to muscle fiber to grow muscle mass.
6. Eat every 2 to 3 hrs. 
7. Workout Days High Carbohydrate Meal 
    Non Workout Days low Carbs Meal.
8. Add Protein  Rich foods Like, 
    Chicken Breast, Egg whites, Milk, Greek Yogurt, Tofu, Fish (Tuna, Salmon) Soya Protein, low-fat paneer, etc. 
9. Add Complex Carbohydrates Like, 
    Oats, Brown rice,  Whole Wheat Chapati, Sweet potato, Whole Wheat bread, Whole Grain Cereals, etc. 
10. In your daily 6 Meals:  4 Meals are based on complex carbohydrates and 2 meals are simple carbohydrates.
11.  Add 2 Simple carbohydrate Meals
        Pre & Post Workout Only 
        Any peas of fruit & white potato, Energy Drinks. etc. 
12.  Add healthy fat (in moderation)
       Peanuts, almonds, cashew, walnuts, Fatty fish, Peanut butter, Flaxseed, chia seed, 
13. One healthy fat serving size is 28g (1 Oz.) 
14. Eat white rice & white potato 2 times A week (non-workout days) 
15. Don't skip your meals & don't miss your workout.
16. Check your muscle size or weight every week.
17. You gain 4 to 6 kg in A 2 -3 months depends on individual to individual.
18. Don't follow any program for more than 2-3 months. The reason is you following one program more than 3 months your body hit plateau Means your body not give results.

Ex. In 2000 calories 25%Fat is 500 cal. 1g fat = 9 Cal. 500/9 = 55.55gm. In this 55.55g 7% is your saturated fat (unhealthy fat like whole egg, dairy products, ghee, refined oil) and the remaining 18% Is your mono & polyunsaturated fat (healthy fat).

Follow This Tips & And build your body 
This is Grow time guys 💪...

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