Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds Benefits 

Daily eating chia seeds gives thousands of benefits  no matter who you are you are a bodybuilder, fitness model or a normal man. Anybody eat this seed and get health benefits. Chia seed is smallest seed compare to other seeds chia seed is fully loaded with important vitamins and minerals. 1Tbsp chia seeds provide 7gm of Carb, 3gm of protein and 3gm of healthy fat which is poly unsaturated fat. In 7g of carbohydrates which fiber is 5g.

                  Health Benefits 

  • High In Omega-3 
Good For Cholesterol Patient 

Chis seeds loaded with healthy fat omega 3
Omega -3 is important for human body Most of people who don't eat omega -3 rich food those people suffering with health problems.
Especially heart disease, low memory etc. What omega -3 work on those disease. Omega-3 helps to reduce LDL which is bad cholesterol  and increase HDL which is good cholesterol. In omega-3 EPA and DHA helps to proper brain functioning, increase brain memory and it's keep heart healthy. Omega-3 is a anti inflammatory property it helps to reduce inflammation makers in your body and important for skin omega-3 keep your skin healthy and glowing It's a anti cancer as well.

  • High In Fiber.

Fiber is important for everyone. Especially who have follow muscle building or fat loss programs. Fiber is important for food digestion many people have a poor digestion issue the reason is people not eat fiber rich food so add fiber rich food in your diet for proper digestion.

  • Good For Diabetes Patient.

Type2 diabetes is very common disease this time and it's very bad  for new generation. People eat medication but they not recover medication is not a solution for type2 diabetes it's all depends on what you eat are you eating complex carbs, fiber rich food or you eating simple carbs. Simple carbs increase your insulin level and then your blood sugar levels goes up. So how to reduce diabetes naturally. Add fiber rich food like chia seeds one of the best seeds to reduce blood sugar levels.

  • Antioxidant Properties. 

Antioxidant it's very important for healthy lifestyle antioxidant protect your immune system from free radicals, infection, viruses. Antioxidant food is most important for cancer patient. Antioxidants reduce and prevent cancer cells. Chis seeds is loaded with antioxidant properties it helps to stay health problems free.
  • Gluten Free Seed.
Chia is a gluten-free grain. People with known sensitivity to gluten sensitivity or celiac's disease can safely include in their diet.

  • Chis Seeds Good Source Of Minerals.

Chis seeds are good sources of many essential minerals. Like Calcium, phosphorous, iron, manganese, and magnesium. Many of these minerals play a vital role in strong bone, red blood cell production, enzyme synthesis, as well as regulation of cardiac, and skeletal muscle activities.

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