Protein Causing Kidney Problems Myths or Truth

Does the protein powder affect our kidneys Myths or Truth.

Whey protein is a dietary supplement that’s derived from milk during the cheese making process. The Left out part is whey .
Whey protein is high quality protein and easy to digest,
Protein is a nutrient that is important for our body, but those who do not know about the protein, they say that protein powder affects the kidneys, which will cause kidney failure. There is lack education among people. People do not have knowledge about protein.

Today, I'll tell you why protein affects the kidneys. If You have already kidney problem then protein effects on kidney and if you take protein powder without consulting the doctor then it is wrong.
Your kidney is not healthy and in this situation you  take protein without a consultation that's not good. Protein powder or you will also take protein from foods, then also protein will effects on your kidney. and kidney it will not be able to filter it.
What is the function of kidneys, filter the blood. If you take protein from Eggs, Chicken, Fish etc. then it is also not healthy for your kidney.

Before you take any protein supplement or protein rich food, consult with your doctor or a physician. If someone tells you that protein powder effects the kidney, do not belive thing trust these.
So I hope you understand what I'm saying


* Avoid in people with known allergy or    sensitivity to milk or milk products.

* If you have a any health problem so        consulte with doctor & then buy                protein supplement.

* Drink 3 to 4ltr. Water. 

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