Oats Benefits For Health, Muscle Building And Fat Loss


Oats is best for Health Problems, Muscle building and Fat loss. Oats is a best source of complex carbs, fiber and moderate amount of protein.

Oats is low in saturated fat it's good for cholesterol patient. In oats small amount of calcium, magnesium and iron these minerals are present.

Dry oats half cup (40g) serving provide 
Carbohydrates : 27gm,
Protein  : 5gm,
Fat : 3gm, 0.5gm is saturated and 1.5gm fat is unsaturated fat.
Fiber : 4gm.

Health Benefits. 

  • Good For Type2 Diabetes 

People suffering with insulin resistance problem. How oats help for diabetes patient❓ 

Oats is rich in fiber half cup rolled oats provide 4gm of fiber. Fiber helps to decrease blood sugar level and maintain insulin level. 

Simple carbs are increase your insulin level it cause type2 diabetes. Oats is a complex carbs I'm talking non flavor oats, not flavor oats. non flavor oats is low in sugar, half cup oats provide only 1gm sugar it is a natural sugar. So add half cup oats in your diet. 

  • Reduce Cholesterol 

Bad cholesterol make heart disease problem and blockage of blood vessels. HDL high density lipoproteins is a good cholesterol and  LDL low density lipoproteins is a bad cholesterol and also trigliceride is a bad cholesterol . 

Oats help reduce LDL "bad cholesterol" and increase HDL "good cholesterol" because oats is high fiber source that's why oats reduce bad cholesterol.

  • Healthy Fats 

Oats have very small amounts of healthy fat mufa mano-unsaturated fat and pufa poly-unsaturated fat. Half cup (40gm) oats provide 1gm poly-unsaturated and  0.9gm mano-unsaturated. These fat are unsaturated fat which is good fat these fat helps to reduce bad fat and prevent heart disease.

  • Good For Hemorrhoids/ Constipation Problems

People eating simple carbohydrates like white rice, white potato, soda, pack juice etc.  Those food are simple carbs. Simple carbs makes you unhealthy, overweight, type 2 diabetes, heart disease. These food is non fiber food and that's the reason make hemorrhoids problem. Fiber rich food help to proper digestion and regulate bowl movements. 

Goals Muscle Building & Fat Loss 

  • Muscle Building 

Oats is powerful food for muscle building and fat loss. Sportsman, bodybuilder, fitness model these people eat oatmeal on daily basis.

During muscle building you increasing carbohydrate intake for size gain oats are one of the best source of complex carbohydrates 1cup rolled oats provide Calories = 300 - 310, Carbs = 54gm, Pro = 10gm and Fat 6gmHalf or 1cup Oats is best for muscle building.

  • Fat Loss 

Oats also help in fat loss. 1/4 cup serving is good for fat loss. 1/4 cup oats provide just 75Cal, Carbs = 13.5gm, Pro = 2.5gm, Fat = 1.5gm and fiber 2gm.

Fiber helps to fill up your stomach and reduce overeating and prevent starvation mode. 

You are eating low carbs, high protein, moderate fat and high fiber than you definitely lose fat. So oats also eat during fat loss. Because oats is high fiber and complex carbohydrates source.

Written & Info By,DARSHAN"

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