Pre And Post Workout Meals Is Important?

Pre And Post Workout Meals Is Important?
Pre And Post Workout Meals Is Important?

Hii I'm Darshan and I'm back with another topic today's topic is Pre And Post Workout Meals Is Important?

Many people, especially beginners, are confused what to eat before a workout and after workout, so I'm here to tell you what to eat before and after a workout, Before And After Workout nutrition is very important so don't miss this before and after workout window.

Why Pre Workout Snack Is Important?

Before And and After Workout, means pre and post-workout are very important to muscle building and fat loss, do not miss this pre-workout snack and Post-workout protein shake window. Beginners doing a big mistake they do not eat a pre-workout snack and post-workout protein shake this is the big mistake many people doing and they ask why my muscle is not gaining that's the reason they miss this important snacks.

If you not eating a good amount of food before 90min workout you feel tired, low energy then you not getting the energy to lift heavy weight because you not getting pre-workout that's why you feel low energy during the workout.

Why Post Workout Protein Shake Is Important?

Pre And Post Workout Meals

A post-workout protein shake or lean protein food is very very important to immediate recovery for those muscles, a post-workout protein shake is a prime time to your muscles absorb more protein compare to other times. After a workout, you need to eat fast-digesting protein within 30 minutes.

Fast Digesting Protein 

Fast digesting protein like whey protein isolate or whey protein blend and egg whites this is the fast-digesting protein. This protein's digestion and absorption rate is high, protein powder digest very fast within 10 to 15 minute it's depends on your whey protein powder, which whey protein you use.

Whey protein has 4 types of whey protein
concentrate, Blend, Isolate or hydrolyzed. Isolate and hydrolyzed this both whey protein is fast-digesting protein compare to concentrate and blend.

Eggs whites are also fast-digesting food but not like whey protein. Egg whites are digested within 40 to 45 minutes so whey proteins alternate is egg whites. If you don't have whey protein powder then you can eat 6 to 8 egg whites.

Pre Workout Snack Is Important?

Pre And Post Workout Meals
Before 90min of your workout, you need to eat a healthy pre-workout snack like complex carbs or simple carbs, complete protein food and post-workout whey protein or eggs and simple carbs like any fruits.

In pre-workout snack complete protein food is very important to prevent muscle breakdown, protein nutrient are protected from muscle loss during workout and carbohydrates gives you the energy to do a better workout in the gym so let's see what to eat a pre-workout snack 

Pre Workout Snack 

Pre And Post Workout Meals

 1. Egg Whites, 1 Whole Egg With Tow Bananas (Eggs is best for a pre-workout snack)
2. Oats Smoothie With Protein Powder Or Eggs
3. Black Coffee, black coffee is great for pre-workout. Black coffee is increasing your focus on the workout.
This Food Is Best For Pre Workout Snack.


Pre Workout Supplements

1. Creatine

Creatine is important for increasing your energy level during a long and intense workout.

 During Workout 
Pre And Post Workout Meals

1. BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids)
If you get BCAA in your pre-workout supplement so you don't need. BCAA Is Important amino During Workout It protects muscles from muscle loss.

Post Workout 

Pre And Post Workout Meals

1.  6  To 8 Egg Whites.
2. Any Fruit Like bananas, pineapple, orange, etc.

Protein Shakes After Workout 

1. Whey Protein Isolate OR Whey Protein Blend
2. 1 Serving Of Any Fruit Like bananas, pineapple, orange, etc.
3. 5gm Creatine & 5gm Glutamine

Do Not Eat Fats In Post Workout 

After a workout do not eat whole eggs or any fatty food, after a workout your muscles want to recover immediately if you eat fats in post-workout so your protein absorption is slowed down and your muscles not recover,

After 60 to 90min workout you can eat healthy fats high protein and carbohydrates in your dinner meal.


1. If you are an Intermediate or Advanced level and you serious with your goals then you can add 5gm Creatine and 5gm Glutamine.
2. Do not eat fats in post-workout.
3. Drink 3 to 4ltr water.