Brown Rice vs White Rice

Brown Rice vs White Rice


Rice is the grain and the majority of people consume that around the world especially in Asia. 

Every rice is different like shape, size, color, and majority of the population eating white rice because white rice is cheaper than brown rice.

Common usages of white rice in hotels, weddings, family functions, etc. And brown rice mostly uses in a fitness lifestyle like gym lovers, athletes, sportsmen, etc.

What Is The Difference Between Brown Rice And White Rice

Brown rice is healthful and loaded with vitamins and minerals brown rice provide all vitamins and minerals compared to white rice. 

White rice is very low in all vitamins and minerals, white rice provides 80% fewer (less) micronutrients compared to brown rice. 

Benefits Of Brown Rice 

Good For Diabetes Patient - 

Yes, brown rice is a very good source for diabetes patients.

Brown rice is a complex carbohydrate, complex carbohydrates are slow digesting carbs which means brown rice does not spike your insulin levels.

Insulin is a hormone high levels of insulin cause diabetes, brown rice loaded with fiber one cup cooked brown rice provides 3.5g of fiber and this is very good for diabetes patients.

Fiber helps to maintain insulin levels in your body and also helps in proper food digestion and regulating bowel movements. 

Good For High Blood Pressure Patient -

Brown rice is also the best source for those who have a high blood pressure problem for those people who can eat brown rice with no salt and also add some vegetables like peas, carrot, broccoli, etc. 

This meal is awesome for blood pressure patients because of brown rice and vegetables is low in sodium and a moderate amount of potassium so that's why this meal is best for blood pressure patients.

Best For Healthy Heart - 

Brown rice is also the best friend who has heart disease because of brown rice is high in lignans which helps to protect our heart and boosting the life of the heart.

Brown rice is also high in manganese and selenium these both minerals are very good for the heart. 

Selenium in brown rice helps to prevent inflammation, reduce the risk of heart disease one cup of brown rice provides 19.1mg selenium 27% of DV. 

Good For Cholesterol Patients - 

Another most important benefit of brown rice, whole grain like brown rice, wheat, etc. in brown rice contains fiber and bran this contains helps to reduce cholesterol level "LDL Cholesterol " which is bad cholesterol and keep your heart healthy. 

(low-density lipoproteins) LDL Cholesterol is bad cholesterol it cause heart disease like heart failure, stroke, etc.

Brown rice provides six times more fiber compared to white rice If you eating brown rice so you can get these all health benefits.

So add brown rice in your diet and avoid white rice if you are a white rice lover so you can eat once a week white rice and other days brown rice.

Rich In Manganese -

Brown Rice is a very rich source of manganese and it is important for proper body function manganese is the mineral and manganese found in food like 

  • Brown rice,
  • Nuts, especially almonds and pecans, 
  • Oatmeal and bran cereals, 
  • 100% Whole wheat bread, 
  • Leafy green vegetables, such as spinach,
  • Fruit, such as pineapple and acai dark chocolate,
  • Beans and legumes.

Manganese is important for the absorption of nutrients, the formation of blood clotting, good for the immune system, bone development, absorption of calcium, and production of digestive enzymes one cup brown rice provides 1.8mg which is 88% of DV this is amazing. 

White Rice Benefits And Disadvantages

Bad For Diabetes Patients - 

White rice is bad for diabetes patients? Yes, white rice is bad for diabetes patients.

White rice is a simple form of a crab, simple form carbohydrates spike your insulin level and raise your blood sugar level. 

Bad Source For Hemorrhoids  -

white rice is a bad source for hemorrhoids because of white rice is very low in fiber and low fiber food bad for hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids patients need to add rich fiber food in the diet because fiber helps to regulate bowl movement and smoothness of stool. 

Best For Post Workout

White rice is best for post workout dinner meal because of white rice is a simple carbohydrate so it digests quickly and refills your muscle glycogen.

Brown Rice Vs White Rice Nutrition Facts 

1 Cup cooked, long-grain white rice nutrition facts

  • Calories = 206
  • Protein = 4g
  • Fat = 0.4g
  • Carbohydrates = 45g
  • Fiber = 0.6g
  • Sodium = 1.6mg
  • Potassium = 53.3mg

1 Cup cooked, long-grain brown rice nutrition facts
  • Calories = 216
  • Protein = 5g
  • Fat = 1.8g
  • Carbohydrates = 45g
  • Fiber = 3.5g
  • Sodium = 9.8mg
  • Potassium = 84mg

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