SHRED 60 Fat Loss Fitness Program By DARSHAN

Program Overview

The second brand new fat loss SHRED 60 fitness program is here this program created and designed by Darshan.
SHRED 60 Fat Loss Fitness Program By DARSHAN
Shred 60 is a 60 days fat-shredding program if you want to lose pure body fat without losing any muscle mass then this is the right place for you.

Most overweight people want to lose weight but understand weight loss and fat loss are different goals.

In weight loss goal you lose muscle, fat, and water. And during fat loss, you lose pure body fat and water weight.

So you choose what you want to lose.

In this Shred 60 fat loss fitness program, I'm providing a complete fat loss program with proper low carb and high protein nutrition plan all free.

On the internet, no one gives you a complete fitness program many people charge money for every singal program. But DARSHAN is different we are not getting any money for any fitness program it's all free.

Because I want people to stay fit and healthy and share this plan for your friends and family who wants to lose body fat and look healthy inside and outside.

This program we are focusing on (Type 1) slow-twitch muscle fibers hitting 12 plus repetitions to activate slow-twitch muscle fibers for endurance.

Workout Plan

Shred 60 workout plan is specifically designed for endurance.

This fitness program goal is losing body fat and define your muscle in 60 days means 8 weeks.

In this program, we are working 6 days and 1 day is our rest day. The rest day is our recovery day.

Now last program mass is we are focusing on heavy weights and low repetitions and this program we are lifting lite weights with high repetitions to activate slow-twitch muscle fiber.

Our most 80% focus is isolation movements and 20% are compound movements. Isolation movements are very important to isolate the muscle.

Fat Shredding Nutrition Plan

Without any nutrition plan, you can not lose body fat or also gain muscle. Most of the people who want to lose body fat cut down their meals but this is not the solution to lose fat.

Just low down your carbohydrates intake and increased protein intake.

Everyone can get a gym membership, everyone can get the best workout program, everyone can get the best supplements but half of the people in the gym not following a proper nutrition plan to get the best physique.

I see in the gym many people focusing on workouts and supplements but they don't know the human body transforms from nutrition this 70% to 80%, the human body wants proper macronutrients and micronutrients to grow well-balanced physique.

In this Shred 60 fat loss fitness program, I'm also designed a 2000 calorie nutrition plan for you.

I'll give PDF link in below download E-book read it carefully, understand and follow the exact workout and nutrition plan.

Adjust Calories According To Your Age, Height, Weight

 Look everyone is different everyone has different body weight, age, height. So our calorie intake is also different so how to calculate your fat loss calories.

I'm giving you a simple formula to calculate your calories to lose fat.

1. Your Maintenance Calories – 250 = Your Daily Calories (Lose 0.5 Pound A Week)

2. Your Maintenance Calories – 500 = Your Daily Calories (Lose 1 Pound A Week)

3. Your Maintenance Calories – 1000 = Your Daily Calories (Lose 2 Pound A Week)

Ex. Your maintenance calorie intake is 2500 then you cut down 500 calories on your maintenance calories after cutting 500 calories now your fat loss calories are 2000 so this is your calorie to lose fat understand the formula and calculate your calories.

After a finding, your calories open SHRED 60 E-book PDF and you will see the calorie calculator formula in the PDF put your maintenance calories in the formula and calculate your daily calories and follow the same calories 4 days and 2 days high calories.

Calories Split
MON - low
TUE   - low
WED - high
THU  - low
FRI    - low
SAT   - high

High-calorie days you increase around 250 to 500 calories extra this is called carb cycling 4 days low carb and 2days high carb.

In these 2 days of high carbs days, we are getting energy because four days is our low carb day we depleting all muscle glycogen. After depleting you feel low in energy that's why we are increasing carbs in 2 days a week.

After 8 weeks come back on this site and this article and comment down below your transformation.

Sleep And Recover

Workout, nutrition, and sleep. these are three important major parts of the transformation.

Sleep is very important for recovery, the human body recover when you sleep 7 to 8 hours sleep is very important for body recover muscles and increase testosterone.


If you want to change your body then no one stops you but you are not focused and disciplined with this fitness program or any program you cant achieve any goals. So stay focused and discipline with your workouts and diets. 

No matter how much you busy, feeling weak to do workouts and eat every 2 to 3 hours if you want to get a healthy physique then hustle is important because of No Hustle then-No Muscle. 

Follow exact workouts and nutrition plans to see your body lean.


Important Note.
  • Whey protein alternative food egg whites or skim milk (low fat).
  • Don't skip your meals stay discipline with this program.
  • Avoid fat on post-workout.
  • Drinks 4 liters of water a day.
  • If you have any medical condition problems then consult with your doctor before starting this SHRED 60 fitness program.