Cold And Flu Symptoms And Home Remedies

Cold and Flu is caused by the virus. Several types of infections can cause flu. While there is no cure for the flu, natural solutions can help calm the flu symptoms.

Cold And Flu Symptoms And Home Remedies

I'll suggest you add these remedies in your diet to reduce or stop cold and flu.

Cold And Flu Symptoms

Here are the cold and flu symptoms if you have any of these symptoms then incorporate these home remedies in your diet.

Cold And Flu Symptoms And Home Remedies

  • Fever
  • Cold
  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  •  Tired and fatigue
Follow these home remedies for cold and flu.

1. Drink More Water

When you get flu, it is more important to drink water. This applies to your breathing flu or stomach flu. This is true.

Cold And Flu Symptoms And Home Remedies

Water is allowing you to sustain a clean nose, ears, and back. It helps the body out of mucus and phlegm that are built-up.

If you're not eating and drinking regularly, you can also get dehydrated. Water loss can also result in diarrhea and fever (two common influenza symptoms).

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to clean your body and hydrate your body.

I'll suggest you drink warm water.

2. Give Your Body Rest

Rest is very important to recover fast from cold and flu. 

Cold And Flu Symptoms And Home Remedies

The immune system can be strengthened by night. It lets you fight the flu virus in your body. Cancel your regular routines like late-night works on computer, laptop or mobile. Avoid these late-night works for 2 to 3 days and focus on 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep.

This sleep can help you to recover fast.

3. Add Vitamin C Rich Food

You already know why vitamin c is important if you don't know then I'll tell you.

Cold And Flu Symptoms And Home Remedies

Vitamin C is the most powerful antioxidants property it helps to boost the immune system, kill free radicals, fight viruses, etc.  

If your immune system is strong then recover in 2 or 3 days from cold and flu by adding vitamin c rich foods.

Here are vitamin c rich foods:

  • Oranges
  • Lemon
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Red or green bell pepper
  • Apple
  • Guava
  • Kiwi
  • Pineapple
  • Papaya
These are vitamin c rich foods.

4. Eat One Apple A Day

You must have heard a quote apple a day and keep the doctor away.

Cold And Flu Symptoms And Home Remedies

Yes, this quote works really eating an apple every day it keeps your body healthy because of high antioxidant property.

Apple has the most powerful antioxidant called phytochemical research in the Nutrition Journal published. This antioxidant prevents cold and flu boosts the immune system and reduces the risk of chronic disease.

5. Increase Zinc Intake

For your immune system, mineral zinc is essential. This helps your body build white blood cells that fight germs. Research indicates that zinc may help to relieve symptoms of cold and flu. Zinc helps your body fight the influenza virus and can limit the rate at which it grows.

During the flu season, you can use a zinc supplement or a multivitamin. A healthy daily diet will usually give you plenty of zinc.

Here are the foods that high in zinc:

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Chickpeas
  • Whole grain like quinoa, oats, etc.
  • Shellfish
  • Meat
These are the foods contain high zinc.

6. Drink Herbal Tea

Some plants are actually antibacterial and anti-viral. Star anise is a star-like spice, usually derived from oseltamivir.

Cold And Flu Symptoms And Home Remedies

The prescription drug Oseltamivir phosphate (better known as Tamiflu) is used to promote recovery or to eliminate influenza. The antiviral properties of certain flu viruses are active. Certain spices and leafy green teas also have antioxidant and bacteria battle properties.

Herbal tea will help your body fight against influenza. A warm herbal drink soothes the throat and sinuses as well.

A herbal tea battles for star anise and other plants such as:

  • Ginger tea
  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Cinnamon tea
  • Tulsi tea
  • Cardamom 
These teas are very beneficial for cold flu.

7. Stop Bodybuilding Diet And Supplements

If you are a regular gym gore then I recommend you stop all bodybuilding meals like high protein, high carb, moderate fat, etc. All eggs, chicken, etc. Give your body rest from these all meals and supplements.

Don't think about muscle building or fat loss just focus on your health.

Don't go to the gym if you have a cold, fever, running nose just day off take 2 or 3 days off from the gym.

Don't force your body for heavy workouts and cardio because you can't recover fast so take a day off.

8. Eat Less Sugar, Salt, And Bad Fat

Eat less these ingredients sugar, salt, and bad fat.

Cold And Flu Symptoms And Home Remedies

If you eat high sugar, salt, and fat your body slows down the recovery process.

Avoid these high sugar, salt, and saturated fat food like:

  • Pack fruit juice
  • Energy drinks
  • Fried food
  • Ice cream
  • Junk food
  • Sugar
  • Salt 
  • Chips
  • Full-fat dairy products eat low-fat dairy products.
  • Red meat
  • Egg yolks
Avoid this food these food slow down the recovery process eat healthy food like green leafy vegetables, lentils, rice, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.


You may not need to visit a doctor in most cases cold and flu. Stay at home and don't get it to your class or office to eat healthy food, drink more water and get rest

Home remedies can help reduce cold and flu symptoms so that you can be better and rest easier while you have a cold, fever, and rest that has a great impact on faster recovery.

If you are not well after following these tips then you show your doctor.