How To Gain Weak Muscles? 5 Amazing Tips

If you have been training for a while, you might have noticed that some of your body parts are stronger or look bigger than the others. Also, some are more responsive to training than others.
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Theoretically, if you train all the body parts equally hard they should develop at the same rate but more often than not, this is not the case.

For example, your chest and shoulders keep growing but your arms are at a standstill or you could have genetically large bicep muscles that make your deltoids look smaller, despite it technically not lagging at all. This affects the overall symmetry of the way your body looks.

How Do You Identify Lagging Body Parts?

In order to identify the lagging body parts, you have to be patient.

Larger muscle group's progress is not visible in weeks but can take years. Body parts like your chest, back, and legs will not visibly progress at the same rate as smaller muscle groups.

There are also a number of other factors that come into play like exercise movement quality, nutrition, well planned out training program. 

Before deciding that a body part is lagging, you should make sure the body part is not lagging due to poor form while lifting, for example, while doing bicep curls you're not swinging your body and your elbows.

Also, make sure that each body part is getting the same amount of training volume.

Mind muscle connection

When you train, control the weight and contract the muscle through the whole muscle range. 

The faster you learn to manage muscle contractures without any breakdown and the stronger the connection between your mind and muscle the faster and stronger your lagged parts of the body.

The easiest way to move up body components The greater the link with your mind and muscle, the more you can shift weight.

The better your target muscles can be. Don't be the one who lights up to display weight. Keep your mind and body under charge and every inch of each member.

Train Your Weak Muscle 2 Times A Week

Now that you know that you are doing the right exercises with the right form, decide how often. If you do not want to do these exercises, that's a problem.

If you do not like them. You must pay as much attention, if not more, to your lagging part than to any other part of your body.

Train your laggard pieces more often at first, but with less intensity per training session than you do for the rest of your body. Train them 2 times a week instead of once a week. No, it's not overwork.

You won't need much effort to get pumped and tired if your muscles are weak and are not conditions for volume training.

You can note that your body part is completely exhausted after two workouts. Place yourself in workouts that do the strongest body parts and then work out the weaker parts again within a few days, instead of doing more setting and training in a bad form. As you can increase the practice time, reduce the training rate and increase the volume.

Example: if your chest muscles are weak then train twice a week.

▪️MONDAY:        CHEST
▪️FRIDAY:           LEGS

Train both muscle fibers endurance and strength ( Type 1 And Type 2 B )
For type 1 muscle fibers rep range should be high 12 to 15 and plus. And type 2 B muscle fibers rep range should be low around 5 to 8

In this rep ranges, you are training both muscle fibers slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fiber.

Increase Volume

You will see results in 6 to 8 weeks with this split and you notice the big difference in your weak muscles.

Every week the volume will be increased by adding more weight and/or more sets and representatives. You are what you do–not what you think you are going to do–I have always known you are. If you live a bodybuilder's life consistently, you're the bodybuilder. You can do that by behaving every day, whether you care about what you want to feel like.

By paying close attention to whatever barrier mental or physical keeps you from building your muscles, you can avoid or overcome lagging body portions. If you know what prevents a balanced physique, the problem can be addressed at the root and any weaknesses can be surmounted.

Combination Of Compound And Isolation Exercises

Adding this kind of combination in your workout gives more fast results.

Combination of compound and isolation exercises for your weak muscles these exercises help to train all muscles in particular muscle.

Compound exercises you know best for muscle building adding compound movements in your workout routine helps to gain muscle faster. And isolation exercises helps to isolate your targets muscle and increase blood flow in the muscle for a better pump and better gain.


Train every single muscle once in a week if you can't train your muscles can't grow and you can't develop a well-balanced physique.

Train your every muscle your chest, shoulder, back, legs, arms, abs, and also your heart.

Do some cardiovascular activity once or twice a week for your heart and lungs internal organs are also important to train them once or twice a week.