Intense Chest Workout At Home With 4 Exercises

You are train muscle at the gym for muscle building or fat loss, you lift weights, you use dumbbells, machines, barbells, etc. Many people tired with the same workout split the same exercises but you try bodyweight workout for a change your answer is no than to try it.

Here is a chest bodyweight workout at home. For this workout, you don't need any dumbbells, barbells, etc.

1. Regular Push-Ups

Regular push-ups are the best to exercise to start your chest workout at home or gym but we talking about the home workout. 

Intense Chest Workout At Home With 4 Exercises

Push-ups are a compound bodyweight exercise this exercise engaged your pecs, delt, and triceps. Called compound exercise this exercise like a chest press. Push-ups train your pectoral major muscle. The chest has two muscle pectoral major and minor. 

Pectoral minor muscle is under the pecs major muscle. This muscle activating during chest flys. 

Bodyweight exercise is also best but not for muscle gain because body weight is bodyweight workout you can't add weight like dumbbells, etc. And for muscle gain, you need to add more weight to build muscles.

Bodyweight exercise is good for endurance called stamina because we hitting 20 repetitions or some times more.

2. Diamond Push-Ups

Intense Chest Workout At Home With 4 Exercises
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Diamond push-ups are like normal push-ups but different variations. However, if you bring your hands closer, the leverage changes and the exercise gets harder. 

Most people report that when you take your hand away, you feel like recruiting the triceps and the front delts but don't make any mistake, by moving your chest tight to your reps you will always get a big blast.

3. Decline Push-Ups

Intense Chest Workout At Home With 4 Exercises
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Decline push-ups are best for upper pecs it helps to build your upper body strength. 

Decline push-ups target your chest, shoulders and triceps muscles. Doing more reps you get more pump. 

4. Incline Push-Ups

Intense Chest Workout At Home With 4 Exercises
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Incline push-ups build your lower chest many people have fat in the lower chests because they don't train lower chest muscle. so train your lower chest for the aesthetic chest. 

But body fat depends on your metabolism and your diet. If you have a slow metabolism and you eating high calories every day and you not burning those calories in energy that's why your body stores fat in adipose tissue.

Do incline push-ups for your lower chest exercise at home. 

Here are some the exercise, reps, and sets of these exercises follow this for home workout. 

Intense Chest Workout At Home
Home Chest Workout Exercise Sets Reps
1. SupersetRegular Push-Ups
Diamond Push-Ups
2. SupersetDecline Push-Ups
Incline Push-Ups

No rest between the superset after one set do 30 seconds rest only. If you want then you can increase 1 more set means a total five sets.

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  1. Very good choice of techniques. Push-ups require a lot of strength. Incline push-ups and decline push-ups are even harder.

  2. Yes try it you'll get big pump after this workout.


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