5 Best Chest Workout Exercises You Can Do At Home

Hey! Welcome to another home chest workout topic. I know you are a fitness freaks and you want to maintain muscle mass during this lockdown and I know how difficult is to main muscle mass in this lockdown.

Gyms are closed all around the world but don't worry my friend I'm here to tell you which exercises are best for a home chest workout.

Your body is the machine and you need to use it to maintain muscle. 

Tons of bodyweight exercises out there. You can increase workout intensity by adding some weight like dumbbells, advanced level resistance band, loaded bags, water bottle packs, etc.

But most people don't have dumbbells, resistance bands, and barbells. So what to do?

Use water bottle packs or bags (loaded with books) but we are doing only bodyweight chest workout at home without adding weight.

So here are the top best chest pumping exercises.

1. Slow Motion Wide Grip Push-Ups

Chest Workout At Home

Slow-motion wide grip pushes up challenging than regular push-ups because of negative reps. Going down slowly activates pectoral muscles faster than fast push-ups.

How To Do Slow Motion Wide Grip Push-Ups

Muscle Work's 
 Primary: Pectoral 
✓ Secondary: Triceps, Anterior Deltoid

➢ Get in a regular push up position with a wide grip than normal push-ups.
➢ Push yourself against the floor.
➢ lower down yourself with count 5 seconds.
➢ And also count 3 seconds as you push yourself against the floor.

2. Chest Dip With Chairs

Chest dip is the popular exercise for lower chest it will give you maximum stretch at the lower pecs. To execute this exercise at home you need to chairs or you can do with the parallel table. Follow the instructions for this exercise.

How To Do Chest Dip With Chairs

Muscle Work's 

 Primary: Pectoral 
✓ Secondary: Triceps, Anterior Deltoid

➢ Place the hands on the chairs
➢ Ensure that the gap is shoulder length between the two chairs.
➢ Dip the body down. Ensure that the body bends slightly forward in the reps.
 Slowly lift yourself up by straightening your elbow.
➢ Work your way through 50 leaders and then you will use weights for an extra challenge.

3. Atlas Push-ups

Atlas push-ups are similar to regular push-ups but better than regular push-ups. Atlas push-ups give maximum stretch and stress on the pectoral muscles. 

How To Do Atlas Push-ups

Muscle Work's 

 Primary: Pectoral 
✓ Secondary: Triceps, Anterior Deltoid

Do this Atlas push-ups like normal incline push-ups. This exercise will give you more complete stretch in the muscle.

4. Side To Side Push-Ups

Side to side push-ups is also a great exercise for a chest this exercise is different variations of push-up and I highly recommend this exercise for a home chest workout.

How To Do Side-To-Side Push-Ups

Muscle Work's 
 Primary: Pectoral 
✓ Secondary: Triceps, Anterior Deltoid

➢ Get a standard push-up position.
➢ The lower down right side
➢ Push yourself against the floor.
➢ Lower down the left side.

Repeat this at least 3 to 4 rounds and maximum failure reps. 

5. Decline Push-ups

Decline push-ups target upper pectoral muscle. The majority of people have undeveloped upper pecs. 

This exercise helps to gain your upper pectoral muscle and doing in slow and control motion gives you an intense pump. Don't do specific reps like 10 or 15 do maximum reps. 

How To Do Side-To-Side Push-Ups

Muscle Work's 
 Primary: Pectoral 
✓ Secondary: Triceps, Anterior Deltoid

➢ Get a chair or a table.
➢ Place your feet on the table or chair
➢ Place your hand shoulder-width apart on the floor.
➢ Go down slowly by counting 4 seconds.
➢ And then push yourself up by counting 2 seconds. 

Benefits Of These Bodyweight Exercises

We have a limited workout option for home workout. Some people have a barbell, dumbbells, resistance bands, etc. But some people don't have this equipment.

So these exercises are one and only option for your workout. Bodyweight exercises are great to understand our body's capacity. 

How much reps you do with proper form, people lift 100kg bench press or 1RM ( reps max ) but they don't no there bodyweight workout capacity. 

Doing 3 to 5 times of bodyweight home workout a week helps to prevent muscle loss. Too much gap in your workout like 1-month gap lose your muscles slowly but doing 3 to 5 workout a week save your muscle. 

These all chest exercises help you to pump your chest and blood flow in your muscles and activities muscle. 

So you need to maintain your muscle size and also home workout boosts your immune power, reduce stress, control diabetes, control blood pressure, etc. These all benefits you get in your workout.

Stretching After Workout

Stretching after a workout is very important, you not doing stretching after a workout then starts doing bro/sister. 

Stretching after a workout helps to relax your muscles and reduce pain the next day. 

 So start doing stretching after the workout.


All exercises you see at the top of this article are compound exercises. The compound exercise targets more muscle at a time. 

During chest workout, you also include triceps and front deltoid but secondary muscle, primary muscle is your chest. 

If you have shoulder problem then warm up your shoulder before doing these exercises. Get a big water bottle and do shoulder press, front raise and side raise back to back. 

Do 2 or 3 sets and 20 reps. After warming your shoulder start doing these exercises. 

Drink 1-liter water during the workout to stay hydrated. Do this chest workout at home and stay healthy.

If you looking free home workout complete program with nutrition plan the check out here and download free.