Coronavirus Live Update, Myths And Facts

Coronavirus Live Update

We see coronavirus live update, myths, and facts in this article.

News about a fatal virus that appeared in December in Wuhan, China (now known as the COVID-19 or novel coronavirus) is increasing very rapidly all around the world. 

There is no medicine or any vaccine available in the market many countries trying to make the best vaccine for coronavirus to kill the virus. Around 70% to 95% of affected countries are now lockdown and following social distancing to prevent deadly coronavirus.

Many people think at the beginning of coronavirus is not dangerous and I also think. And yes this is less dangerous than other viruses this new coronavirus spread more and people dieing less. 

This time the USA is the top of the world in coronavirus cases. Because of the United States, America is a very popular country for tourism and testing capacity is increasing daily that's why  USA Corona Virus cases are increasing. 

But now time to see coronavirus live update, myth busters, and facts. 

Coronavirus Live Update

Currently, total coronavirus affected people are 1,030,633, Deaths: 54,229, and Recovered:
220,003. Check out here coronavirus live update.

Myths About Corona Virus

Myth 1: Coronavirus prevents in the sun or high temperature?

Fact: there is no evidence to prove this. You can catch Covid-19, how hot whether is. To prevent coronavirus and protect yourself by cleaning your hands frequently, avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose, use mast if you sick. 

Coronavirus Live Update, Myths And Facts

Myth 2: Drinking alcohol protects you from coronavirus?

Fact: Alcohol is not going to protect you but it will increase other health problems so don't drink alcohol.

Coronavirus Live Update, Myths And Facts

Myth 3: Taking a hot bath or drinking hot water prevents coronavirus:?

Fact: Taking a hot bath or drinking hot water will not prevent you from covid-19. Taking a hot bath burns your skin so be smart. To prevent coronavirus and protect yourself by cleaning your hands frequently, avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose, use mast if you sick. 

Coronavirus Live Update, Myths And Facts

Myth 4: Coronavirus transmitted by air?

Fact: Coronavirus is not transmitted in the air this virus found on the surface.

Coronavirus Live Update, Myths And Facts

Myth 5: The new coronavirus transmitted by a mosquito?

Fact: There is no information or evidence that has to prove that new coronavirus transmitted through a mosquito. The new coronavirus is a respiratory virus that is mostly transmitted by droppings caused by coughing or sneezing, or by the droppings of saliva or discharge from the infected person. 

Coronavirus Live Update, Myths And Facts

Myth 6: Eating garlic protects you from coronavirus.

Fact: Garlic is an antiviral and immunity booster herb. But currently, there are no studies or evidence to show that eating garlic protects from coronavirus but it will increase your immune system. 

Coronavirus Live Update, Myths And Facts

Myth 7: Hand dryer kill coronavirus.

Fact: No. Hand dryer is not effective to kill coronavirus only washing your hand frequently kill coronavirus and protect yourself from the Covid-19.

Coronavirus Live Update, Myths And Facts

Focus On Healthy Food

Focus on eating healthy food all-day healthy food is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Healthy foods like oats, fruits, nuts, lentils, sweet potato, vegetables, whole-grain food, whole wheat bread, etc. This food helps to boost the immune system, good for digestion, good for diabetes, good for the heart and many other health benefits. 

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important for everyone. Sleep at least 7 to 9 hours, now lockdown is on so you can sleep more now. Because sleep is also important for boosting immunity power, balance hormone levels, reduce stress. So sleep well get well. 

Stay Home And Get All Precautions

Look if you want to stay coronavirus free then stay at home. Clen your hand when you touch any equipment or device and avoid touching your face especially eyes, nose, and mouth. 

And also clean your mobile phone, the mobile phone is most important to clean. Because it has more germs and bacteria so clean regularly. If you sick then cover your mouth by using a mask. 


In this pandemic situation, many people are spreading myths about the coronavirus. So don't believe in myths and rumors. Be smart stay clean, stay home, stay safe. 

Don't go anywhere stay home, eat clean food to stay healthy. Do exercise at home is also good for Immunity. Check here coronavirus live update

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  1. Nowadays the main motto of the people is to keep their body fit and for that they doing many exercises but always confuse between leg press vs squat. Which exercise is best for body. Leg press is an easy exercise to learn as there is less motor control involved in it and Squat is complicated exercise to learn. Weightlifters spend almost their entire career to master the correct form.

    1. You can't do leg press at home without equipment but you can do squats,split squat,lunges, etc. These both exercise are great for lower body.


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