Bicep And Tricep Workout At Home Without Any Equipment

Bicep And Tricep Workout
Bicep And Tricep Workout you can do at home without any gym equipment.

Your arms are primarily made up of three muscles, the shoulders biceps and triceps and each of these muscles can be further divided into multiple muscle heads with the shoulder.

You have three heads that make up a front, middle and back portion then the bicep has two heads a long head and a short head and the tricep has three heads including a long head a lateral head and a medial head.
To target all of these muscles for optimal arm development you'll have to incorporate a variety of exercises but if you don't have access to a gym it becomes much more challenging to train your arms and that's especially the case with muscles like your biceps.

So that's why today I want to go over the 6 best exercises that you can do to develop your arms at home without the use of traditional gym equipment like barbells, dumbbells and cables.

And at the end of the article I'll also provide specific sets and reps for each exercise so you could perform them together as a workout.

Now the very first exercise that I want to start with is gonna be a bicep exercise and honestly if you're only using your bodyweight the amount of exercise options that you have for your biceps will be pretty limited without gym equipment..

Of course you can do pull-ups but for that you'll need a pull-up bar there are also exercises like bicep push-ups but those target mostly your triceps and shoulders and aren't very effective for the biceps.

Oou can raise your upper body up on two platforms to help target your biceps better but this still doesn't allow for proper flexion of the elbow joint through a full range of motion instead it's more of an isometric contraction.

Single Arm Doorway Rows 

Bicep And Tricep Workout

So for your first bicep exercise we're gonna use a doorway for single arm doorway rows.

To set this one up you would stand in front of the doorway with the door open and your feet close to the frame of the door.

Then with one hand grab the frame and slowly lean back until your elbow is fully extended.

You want to do your best to keep your hips in a straight line with your head and your feet and then once you're in position you're gonna pull your body up towards the frame with one arm.

Then slowly lower back down and repeat for reps.

Keep in mind that the further you walk your feet forward around the frame the more you'll be leaning back and the more challenging that this exercise will become.

So this is very similar to how TRX rows work.

Book Bag Curl

The book bag may look silly.

Bicep And Tricep Workout At Home

It's really one of the best ways to hit your biceps without fitness equipment.

There are some home workouts where you use something like a towel to create resistance with your legs, but the way the resistance feels is really uncomfortable and similar.

I said before it's almost impossible to do with Maintaining constant tension on your muscles.

In such exercises can make rolling heavy weight in a book bag almost as effective as normal bicep curls in the gym.

So load your book bag with some heavy objects that do it.

Weigh it, then grab the wrist strap at the top of the book bag and stand up straight with your elbow straight and your weight hanging straight down.

You want to lean forward slightly.

So that your legs don't get in the way of the book bag and while holding your elbow firmly against your ribs, you bend the book bag towards your shoulder when you come up.

You want to try turning your little finger towards the ceiling to really increase bicep activation, and then slowly lowering your back.

If you don't have a book bag, don't worry that you can make the next one.

Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl For this exercise you need some heavy objects, preferably with handles.

Bicep And Tricep Workout

Some examples are detergent jugs, gallons of water jugs or even buckets that you can fill with other heavy items.

You also need something that you can thread through the handles.

A towel, a leash, or a belt.

So if you're using gallons like me, you should thread your towel line or belt through the handles and then grab both ends with one hand.

Then stand up straight and let your arm and gallon jugs hang straight down, lean forward slightly to allow full freedom of movement, and turn the belt or towel towards you in a neutral position.

Your shoulder with your thumb pointing up and then slowly lowering it again, 

Remember that each gallon weighs about eight pounds, so you will most likely need some of them to really tire your biceps, but also when doing this exercise may look silly with a slightly higher reps.

You can get a great pump and have a very effective arm workout, even if you happen to have enough gallon jugs or other heavy objects, you can use both arms at the same time and switch from side to side for hammer curls.

Chair Dip

We have one of the best tricep exercises you can still do to do dips at home without using traditional fitness equipment dips.

You only need two sturdy chairs that are of the same height and do not push downwards.

Normal steel folding chairs are ideal for this.

If you want to be extra safe, you can put something heavy on each chair to make sure it doesn't tip over.

You stand between the chairs facing away from each other and place your hands on the chairs with your arms outstretched, then lift your feet off the floor and slowly begin to lower yourself by bending your elbows to your triceps more than your chest Target who you want to try to hold your chest forward as much as possible.

You can lower yourself until your shoulders are roughly with your elbows or slightly lower, and then push them back to their original starting position with your elbows locked and then simply for repetitions to repeat.

Book Bag Overhead Triceps Extension

Overhead tricep extensions start exactly as before before making sure the bag is filled with some heavy items.

Bicep And Tricep Workout

Then grab your left shoulder strap with your right hand and your right book bag behind your head with your left hand so that your elbows are bent and your forearms are roughly parallel to the floor or even slightly lower.

Then stretch your elbows and lift the book bag over your head until your arms are straight.

You want to make sure your elbows stay nice and tight instead of flaring up.

Once you are almost locked, slowly lower the book bag until your hands are slightly lower than your elbows, and repeat for repetitions, similar to this exercise, you can do it with one arm at a time.

This can be particularly effective if you don't have enough weight to make it challenging enough for both arms, and it's done at a slightly different angle.

If you help your triceps hit in a different way, grab both straps in one hand and swing the book bag behind your head again, except that instead of the book bag hanging directly behind you, it is now angled towards your opposite shoulder.

From there, stretch your elbow as before until your arm is almost over yours head is locked, and then lower the book bag back behind your head towards your opposite shoulder until your forearm is slightly lower than parallel and then extend and repeat for repetitions.

Bodyweight Floor Triceps Extension

The last exercise you can do is tricep extensions.

This exercise comes as close as possible to a tricep isolation exercise.

With a weak stanek movement, of course, you need to use your hip flexors and even your legs to stabilize the movement, but compared to the diamond push-ups  around or when immersing, the shoulders or chest are not so badly affected that you have the triceps extensions on the floor can perform or raise them when you perform the increased variation.

You have a larger range of motion because you have a lot more space between your body and floor.

The more you put your body in a horizontal position, the more difficult it becomes.

The more you put it in a vertical position, the easier it gets here.

You use the same range of motion in your elbows when you do it on the floor.

You can also change the difficulty, the more you put your wrist in front of your body, the easier it gets.

The more you put it towards the center of your body, the more difficult it becomes if you do the exercise on the floor that you leave to your body in the same horizontal position, but change the level of difficulty by increasing or decreasing the range of motion.

Both variations are good.

Reps And Sets For These Exercises

During home workout you need more sets and reps compare to gym workout. 

Because you get weights to increase load on your muscles in the gym. 

So do 4 to 5 sets each these exercise and do maximum number reps to get insane pump in your arms. 


Many people don't have any basic workout equipment like dumbbells, barbell, and weights. So you can train your muscles by doing home workout.

Do these all bicep and tricep workout at home twice a week or you can do once a week. It depends on your workout routine, nutrition plan, etc. 

These all exercises is best for the arms workout at home without any gym equipment. 💪