Extreme Home Workout Program With Diet Plan

Extreme Home Workout

Program Overview

The extreme Home workout program is a home base 8 weeks workout program that helps to stay healthy and fit at home.

I’m adding resistance band and bodyweight exercises only so you need to buy a medium-level resistance band for home workouts. The homemade simple nutrition plan is also added so you can eat calories according to your goals. 

If you are busy or you don’t have gym access then this program is for you. 

But this program is designed for muscle gain or fat loss this only for fitness. 

But if you want to gain some weight or lose some weight then you need to adjust your calories.

You do not gain pure mass or you can’t lose pure fat, if you want to gain some weight then you gain some amount of fat, muscle, and water weight.

And your goal is fat loss then you lose some amount of fat, muscle, and water. But you can’t lose pure fat.

Workout Plan

This workout totally home-based means we are doing all bodyweight exercises and resistance band exercises.

I designed the upper body and lower body workout plan for more intensity.
If you don't have gym access or you don't want to go to the gym for a workout because of a busy lifestyle then this home workout plan is good for you.

Nutrition Plan

I also designed a nutrition plan for you to keep your body healthy and fit. The only workout is not important for a healthy lifestyle. The proper nutrition plan is also important.

I designed the 2600 calories nutrition plan for this home workout. This is a sample calorie nutrition plan. 

Don't follow this exact calorie first calculate your calories and then see how many calories you need a day to maintain weight, lose weight, or gain weight. 

Download the PDF below and read it carefully and follow the exact program. 


Many people focus on supplements. I'll tell you to eat good and healthy food if you have a budget then go for a supplement. 

In this plan, I added one supplement called whey protein. Many people know what is whey protein. If you don't know then I'll tell you in short. 

Whey protein is made from milk, milk has two high-quality proteins called whey protein and casein protein. Whey protein is the fast-digesting protein and casein protein is a slow-digesting protein.

After the workout, your body needs fast-digesting protein for instant muscle recovery. So that's why I added whey protein. 

If you don't have whey protein don't worry eat egg whites after the workout. Egg whites are also fast-digesting protein food.  

If you already have whey protein then use it otherwise eat egg whites because this is not a heavy weight lifting workout. This is a home workout.

Can You Gain Muscle With This Extreme Home Workout Plan

It depends from individual to individual. Because in this program we don't use any gym equipment so you can't build muscle like a gym workout.

But if you want to build muscle with this workout then you need to add some weights like dumbbells.  

Adding weights to your workout can help you to gain some muscle

How Too Calculate Daily Calorie Intake For Weight Loss And Weight Gain

Here is the last point of this program. 

You get workout information, nutrition, and supplement info. 

Now time to give some basic and simple in about calorie calculation. 

Our daily calorie is doing the main role in weight loss and weight gain. So you need to calculate your daily calorie intake on google. 

First, open google and search calories calculator and then check out any website like bodybuilding.com or any. 

After opening the calories calculator website adds your information. And calculate your calories. 

Find your maintenance calories and after finding maintenance calories add 250 to 300 calories on maintenance calories.

Upper Body And Lower Body Home Workout Program With Nutrition Plan

Check this ☝️ Image and fill out your information like this. After calculating my calories is 1648.

For weight gain, I'm adding more calories.
Ex. 1648 + 300 = 1948 is my daily weight gain calories. 

If you want to lose weight then decrease 300 calories. 

So this is the simple calorie calculation you need to follow to find out your daily weight loss or weight gain calories.


This extreme home workout program helps to maintain muscle and increase strength.

This program is not designed for a specific goal like fat loss and muscle gain this program is all about health and fitness. 

But if you want to gain some amount of weight or lose weight then you can increase or decrease the calorie intake.

But you can't gain pure muscle or not you can't lose pure fat. You'll gain some amount of body fat, muscle, and water weight. 

So don't expect big gains in the program. But if you doing only regular fitness then this is the best program. So try this upper body and lower body split workout plan and stay healthy.