Dumbbell Bench Press Vs Barbell Bench Press - Which One Is Best?

Dumbbell Bench Press Vs Barbell Press

Dumbbell bench presses vs barbell bench press are probably one of the longest-running arguments, and surprisingly, the only thing evident is, which version has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Actually, there are several ways to do the chest workout and obviously, you could always use both a barbell and a dumbbell while doing the exercise. 

However, you could always combine the two into one single exercise. That is what this article will be discussing - which exercise is best for chest workout, dumbbell bench press, or barbell bench press?

Stability Of Exercises 

So, how much weight can you lift? How does your weight do in comparison to the weight of a dumbbell? The answer to the second question is simple. 

When you lift with a barbell, obviously you lift as much weight as you can, because as soon as you let go of the bar, the weight is brought up to your chest, your legs, and then your arms. But when you lift with a dumbbell, you are at your weakest point when it comes to the lifting aspect. It's the stability element that is missing

As you lift with a bar, you are using your stabilizer muscles to stabilize yourself while you are lifting the weight. On the other hand, with dumbbells, you are using all of your muscle groups for the movement, allowing you to put more stress on your stabilizer muscles. This makes you more efficient, and thus, produces more force during each movement.

Range of Motion

Range of motion (ROM) is very important when you doing exercise. Full range of motion gives your more stretch in your muscles. 

When you doing a barbell bench press, your range of motion is less than a dumbbell bench press. 

Dumbbells allow for a greater range of motion because they have a handle. This allows you to move the weight through various degrees of motion. 

This means that your muscles will be utilizing their full range of motion and not just the motion that the handle provides. 

As a result, you will experience more overall functional strength from these exercises than you would if you were working with a bar.

This means that your muscle groups will be utilizing their full range of motion, which means that you can potentially develop functional strength much faster than you could from a bar.

And one more thing is, you have less chance of injury with the dumbbell bench press. 

One Rep Max ( 1RM )

Most strongmen test one rep's max to test their strength level. How max they can lift weights. 

And barbell exercise is the key point. If you want to test your one-rep max then you need a barbell, you can test with dumbbells. 

So here are barbell exercise wins.  

Both Has Own Benefits
Boat exercise is great and both have their own benefits. 

Dumbbell bench press and barbell bench press is the variation of the chest workout to hit one muscle with different angles. 

Our human body adapts the exercise fast so you need to change exercise variations for continues muscle growth. 

Dumbbells are best for endurance, range of motion, and for your wrist. 

But the hand, barbell presses are good for strength building, heavyweight training, etc. 

So add both exercises to your chest workout.

How To Add Both Exercises

You can add these both exercises to your workout routine. 

Ex. If you are doing 5 exercises for chest muscle then add 1-2 dumbbell exercises like dumbbells incline press, dumbbell decline press. 

Adding dumbbell press in incline and decline bench prevents shoulder injury. Because the majority of the people don't have shoulder mobility and doing a barbell press is slightly risky than a dumbbell press. 

So you can use dumbbell exercises like this. 


Now It depends on you which exercise is good and comfortable for you. Most people love to start their workout with the barbell bench press. 

Both exercises are good, both exercises have their benefits.

According to me, you should include both the exercises in the workout because you can get the benefits of both the exercises.