Breakfast High In Calories To Speed Up Muscle Growth


Importance Of Breakfast High In Calories

One of the most important things you can do for your body when it comes to muscle growth is to eat a breakfast that is high in calories. This will help you to start your day off strong and help you to achieve your daily goals.

There are a variety of ways to make a high-calorie breakfast that will help you to build muscle. You can try a high-protein breakfast, a high-carb breakfast, or a high-fat breakfast.

When we do muscle gain, then we have to eat more calories, it should have a good amount of carbs, proteins, and fats.

High-Calorie Breakfast Ideas That Will Help You To Gain Muscles

  • Egg Omelette With Whole Wheat Bread

An egg omelet is a very healthy and excellent breakfast. In this, you also get carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and other vitamins and minerals. In this meal, you will get high-quality protein as well as more calories.
  • Oats With Nuts And Fruits 

Oatmeal is a very famous meal in the fitness industry. And it is also the healthiest, every person can eat it. But when we talk about gaining muscle, then we have to eat more calories. So in oats, we have to add milk, nuts, and fruits to increase the calories.

If you add 500ml double-toned milk, 10g almonds, and one banana in half a cup of oats provides you 530 calories, carbs 79g, pro 24g, fats 16g. if you want to increase protein content then add whey protein. 

This is a sample meal plan, you have to adjust macros according to your calorie needs. 
  • High Calorie Smoothies 

High-calorie smoothies are also a good option to increase your calories. If you go to a job, school, or college and you do not have time but you want to eat a healthy and calorie-dense breakfast then smoothies are the best option for you.

Meals take time to cook and eat, but smoothies take a few minutes to prepare and drink.

The ingredients that we use in oatmeal, we will also use the same ingredients in smoothies. Put all ingredients in a mixer grinder like oats, milk, fruits, nuts, peanut butter, and honey for taste if needed. grind them and your smoothie is ready to drink.
  • High Protein Milk Shake

High protein milkshake is also a good source of high calories and high protein. When we start the day, our body needs a well-balanced macro meal to stay energetic throughout the day.  

If you have any fitness goals then you should never miss breakfast. If your goal is to gain muscle, then you should eat a high-calorie and high-protein breakfast.

Ingredients list for high protein milkshake. low-fat milk, any fruits like apple banana, natural peanut butter or nuts, honey, whey protein powder, and cinnamon powder. 

I will not tell you the quantity, you will have to add the quantities according to your calorie need.

You can make a high-protein milkshake in a few minutes and drink it in a few minutes like oats smoothies.

Tips For Incorporating High-Calorie Breakfast Into Your Daily Routine.

Make sure that the breakfast is easy to prepare and quick to eat. Finally, make sure that the breakfast is easy to store and transport. Here are a few tips to help you make the best high-calorie breakfast possible.

1. Find Healthy And High-Calorie Foods

Before making high-calorie meals, find high-calorie food which is healthy.

2. Find High Protein & Healthy Fats Food Sources

Along with high calories, high protein food and healthy fats are also needed. High-protein foods like eggs, milk, curd, and supplement like whey protein. Healthy fats like nuts, nut butter, seeds, etc. 

3. Make Sure That The Breakfast Is Easy To Prepare And Quick To Eat

If you do not have time in the morning, then make such meals that take less time to prepare and less time to eat. Like smoothies and high-protein milkshakes, and you can consume them even during travel. 


There are many breakfast ideas that are high in calories that you can use to help you reach your daily calorie goals. But today I have shared with you my top 4 breakfast meals that are high in calories. that I consume. 

If you like these meals, then you can also try them. All these meals are very healthy and very good for muscle gain.