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Hey! Here Darshan Borade, I'm a fitness blogger I run the www.darshanfitness.com website. This website is all about health and fitness. On this website, you'll find nutrition tips, food benefits, workout and exercise tips, free fitness programs and diet plans, etc.

About Me

I'm a fitness blogger, I started this website in 2018 to give health and fitness-related information to people who don't know about food, workout, etc. I joined the gym in 2016 after joining the gym I don't know what is a high protein, muscle-building diet, and workout, etc. And then I saw videos on YouTube and read articles on the internet and then got some information about nutrition, workout, etc. 

After gaining my knowledge I decided to create my blog to give information about health and fitness people who don't know and my journey started. 

My Education Background

My educational background is totally different, I'm from a commerce background but I switch my field after FY.Bcom.
  • MS-CIT
  • F.Y.B.com
  • ITI In Computer Operator And Programming Assistant
No matter which background you come from but your future plans is important. 

Stay Fit Stay Healthy!

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