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Dear viewers welcome to our website here is the privacy policy of my website.

If you are following our website for a long time then you need to know the privacy policy of this website. If you not following our privacy policy then we will block you from our website.

Read carefully the privacy policy of this website give below. 

Google AdSense

Do not intentionally click or cancel the ads any type of ads shown by Google, if you do, then we will get action and we will block you permanently from our website because you are going against our website's privacy policy.

Children's Policy

Our website does not provide any kind of illegal information and activities. So if you are a 15-year-old guy then you can visit and read our informative articles which are based on health and fitness. 

You get a lot of information about food, nutrition facts, etc. To stay healthy in your life.

Terms & Condition

Dear, viewers I'm requesting all of you please do not add any spam links in our comments otherwise I can't accept your comments.

Don't share our websites link to illigal platforms otherwise, I'll get strict action about you. 

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I hope you people follow our privacy policy of this website and use it safely. 

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